Lettuce Turnip the Beet Quilt

A Most Nutritious Quilt
In honour of January, my month of going vegetarian, I’ve made a vegetable quilt! A gardener’s delight.

Full disclosure:
I’m sorta (totally) lying about the inspiration of the quilt for this month. This was supposed to be completed before Christmas as a gift for a newborn babe in the UK but I overestimated the time I’d had to create and complete my handmade gifts, so this was put on pause. I’m sure the little dude won’t know the difference between a month or so.

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The Bag of Fabric Scraps That Became a Quilt

The Inspiration

It all started with a gift I received for my last birthday. I was presented with a beautiful duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases from Bed.

Now some people may think that bedding is too practical to give as a gift but I have been obsessing about the fabric of their products for about 6 months, and the gift-giver knew that.
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